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Learning Out Loud

For a long time, I’ve been gun-shy about posting technical blog posts. There’s something so final about it. Truthfully, I have held back out of fear. I’ve watched far smarter folks go through the ringer of HackerNews where droves of keyboard warriors tear apart their premise, their implementation, and even the author’s intellect.

The irony is getting torn apart on HackerNews is sort of the pinnacle of blogging - if it happens, you made it.

As a largely self-taught developer and former soldier (not a life-long computer person), I’ve never felt quite smart enough to belong. That’s not me fishing for a compliment, it’s the plain truth. I’ve been worried for a long time that I would write the wrong thing, and expose myself as dumb.

I’ve recently re-thought that.

In my soldiering days, I endured every kind of abuse. I’ve been made pretty tough. So when I re-framed my fear of HackerNews through that lens, I realized there is nothing anyone can say or do that could legitimately hurt me. That puts me in a position of privelege.

I know there are other folks out there that want to have a louder voice in our developer community but are afraid of looking dumb or too junior or something.

Here comes Learning Out Loud.

This is a blatant re-purposing of the “Learn in Public” concept from the inimitable Swyx (article here), with a little twist.

I’m calling the series Learning Out Loud (LoL) to remind folks they can laugh at me along the way. I’m not the best for sure, and if it makes you feel better to laugh at someone then bring it on.

So from here on out if you see a post with an “LoL:” label, know that I’m doing my best to solve a problem and hoping it helps someone else write an article too…because everyone will have laughed themselves out reading mine first.